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Error Im002 Microsoft Odbc Driver Manager Data Source Name


Are there any non-English versions of the sample applications? How do I write spaces to the results file? What is an Origamic Word™? How do I stop a screensaver from activating during a test? http://wpeasyposttypes.com/odbc-driver/error-im002-microsoft-odbc-driver-manager-data-source-name-not.php

How does SilkTest calculate the tag location of an object? How can extensions be enabled for SilkTest Runtime? How do I recognise a RadioList of style BS_OWNERDRAW in a MFC Application How do I rectify the following DB Tester Error "(07002) [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Too few parameters. The DBQ attribute sets the path of directory which contains CSV files*/ string strConnString = "Driver={Microsoft Text Driver (*.txt;*.csv)}; Dbq=" + filepath.Trim() + ";Extensions=asc,csv,tab,txt;Persist Security Info=False"; string

Error Im002 Microsoft Odbc Driver Manager Mysql

How to handle "[HtmlRadioButton] button_name " is not unique error? How can the error: "SilkTest is unable to write the updated settings to Partner.ini ..." be resolved? Does SilkTest support the use of Universal Data Link (UDL) files with DB_Tester?

How can SilkTest deal with the inactive ActiveX controls caused by the Microsoft IE update? How to format a DateTime data type in Silk Test Workbench .Net script How to generate a flex log How to get the value of selected item of a disabled HTML Were there any Drunk driving laws before the Automobile? Error Im002 Microsoft Odbc Driver Manager Windows 7 How can I modify the behaviour of the integration between SilkTest and PVCS Version Control?

How can SilkTest capture the entire Windows desktop? Microsoft Odbc Driver Manager Data Source Name Not Found And No Default Driver Specified Sql Server Since there was no 64bit Driver avaialble for my database, I had to use 32-bit. Show DNS Records Show WHOIS Records Free Domain Registration Info Hosting Glossary What is Windows VPS Hosting? more info here Open the ODBC Data Source Administrator.

How can SilkTEst return the current "machine domain" within Windows XP? Microsoft Odbc Driver Manager Download I don't know waht is the driver for Oracle 8i. How can SilkTest retrieve text from a disabled JavaJFCTextField? Does the SilkTest dotNet Extension Kit work with Visual Studio 2005?

Microsoft Odbc Driver Manager Data Source Name Not Found And No Default Driver Specified Sql Server

How do I create user-defined properties in SilkTest? https://manage.accuwebhosting.com/knowledgebase/2330/Fix--ERROR-IM002-MicrosoftODBC-Driver-Manager-Data-source-name-not-found.html Getting the active window using the Open Agent Getting “Error – The Tester Asset could not be saved” when executing SilkTest Workbench tests Handling "InvalidObjectHandle" exceptions Handling IE and Firefox session Error Im002 Microsoft Odbc Driver Manager Mysql Does SilkTest allow for object data extraction and verification? Odbc Driver Manager Data Source Name Not Found And No Default Driver Specified Windows 7 How to set windows environment variables with SilkTest How to setup SilkTest to interact with JavaWebStart?

Can I use the SilkTest Open Agent xBrowser support to record against Mozilla Firefox? click site asked 8 years, 8 months ago viewed 169,711 times active 8 months ago Blog Flash is Dead: What Technologies Might Be Next? How can SilkTest open the ODBC Data source Administrator? How can I programmatically retrieve the SilkTest VB.Net Script Name that is being executed? Microsoft Odbc_driver_manager _data_source_name_not_found_and_no_default_driver_specified

  1. How can SilkTest click on an HtmlLink when it is covered by an HtmlImage?
  2. You now need to configure the specific fields for the DSN you are creating through the Connection Parameters dialog.
  3. Create a connection string as below, if you want to use DSN less connection.
  4. How do I correctly generate Dr Watson Log & Crash dump files?
  5. The Database pop-up should automatically populate with the list of databases that the user has permissions to access.
  6. You can just copy this string and paste it in to your web/app.config file.
  7. In the IDE, right click on the Solution Name->change 'Platform' to Win32). –david1024 May 24 '16 at 14:56 add a comment| 4 Answers 4 active oldest votes up vote 25 down
  8. How can I get SetText() and GetText() to work on my custom textfield?

With trial version only limited replays are allowed" During the Data Driven Tutorial, I am recieving the error, "BrowserChild is not defined or ambiguous", how is this resolved? How can I create a basestate for an application that is launched via JavaWebStart from a web URL? Wednesday, August 28, 2013 6:58 AM Reply | Quote Answers 0 Sign in to vote Hi , I had the same problem and fixed it by using the 32-bit ODBC admin news What is Shared Hosting?

How can SilkTest retrieve text from a disabled ListView when the GetContents() method fails? Im002 Unixodbc Driver Manager Does SilkTest support the Microsoft Pocket PC emulator? How can the "Add/Remove Programs" window in the Control Panel be launched from SilkTest using the command line?

Error: Function BrowserChild::Navigate has not been registered Error: Incompatible types -- "02/27/1962" is not a valid date!

Will a battery short out when the terminals are directly connected together or will internal resistance save it? How do you identify if a number is contained within a string? How can I close multiple browsers when I don't know how many browsers are open and I don't know which supported browsers might be in use? Microsoft Odbc Driver Manager The Specified Dsn Contains An Architecture Mismatch After upgrading to Internet Explorer 7, will my SilkTest scripts continue to work as they did for IE6?

How to test an Android Nox Emulator with Silk Test How to test embedded Win32 controls in a browser with the Open Agent How to turn on/off Truelog Screenshots programmatically in How can Class Mapping be set within a SilkTest testcase? How can I create a method which can be used to tag a dynamic object at runtime? http://wpeasyposttypes.com/odbc-driver/error-im002-odbc-driver-manager-data-source-name-not-found.php The download includes both Access and Excel drivers.